Mayor Lightfoot can envision Chicago baseball returning this summer but likely without fans


CHICAGO – Mayor Lightfoot can picture a world where the Cubs and Sox play this summer, but she doesn’t think fans will be watching from Wrigley or Guaranteed Rate Field.

As COVID-19 deaths dropped to an April-low 337 deaths in New York Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said he can envision baseball coming back to the Empire State.

Lightfoot was asked Monday if she feels the same way about a Chicago return.

“Those decisions are going to be made at the league-level. They’re not going to be made by individual team owners. They are not going to be made by individual team owners. Yes. We have had ongoing conversations about what that might look like. We’re obviously a ways away from that because we haven’t seen the level of cases decline on a consistent basis. We’re still seeing them rise. But, can I envision a world where baseball might return to Chicago this summer? Yes. Is it likely to be without fans? Probably.”

Major League Baseball and the players’ association have had preliminary discussions about potential ways for the season to start when given the go-ahead by federal, state and local governments and health officials amid the coronavirus. Having all the teams based in Phoenix has been examined, and there has also been talk of having groups of teams in Arizona, Texas and Florida, pending on health conditions.


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