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CHICAGO — Actor and director Kevin Costner says he’s considering plans to make a new baseball movie — this time, about Chicago’s very own Cubs.

The actor appeared on “Larry King Now” along with co-star Gary Oldman to promote the new film “Criminal.” But it was his remarks on an upcoming project that turned some heads.

Costner, who starred in two of the most famous baseball movies ever, “Bull Durham” and “Field of Dreams,” told King he is hoping to make another.

“I’ve got one more in me,” Costner said.

When King pressed him to elaborate, the actor replied, “It has to do with the Cubs.”

Costner said he wasn’t sure if he’d follow through on the project, but said “I’ve got to get it written.”

Costner, 61, has appeared in several other sports movies as well, including “Tin Cup,” “Draft Day” and “For Love of the Game.”