Hawk Harrelson, A.J. Pierzynski talk Cubs Sox rivalry

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CHICAGO – “You couldn’t give me a $5, $10,000 bill to put another foot in that place. I’m telling you what,” remarked former White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson regarding a return to Wrigley Field. “That place sucks for the visiting team. It really does. Now, for the fans it’s great.

“But, no, never again.”

Hawk Harrelson isn’t going to the Friendly Confines anytime soon. However, he is willing to admit the Cubs are better right now. But with the Sox beginning to turn the corner in their rebuild, this year’s Crosstown Classic could be the precursor to something special.

“Starting in 2020, in my opinion, there’s a chance it’ll be the greatest decade of Major League Baseball in Chicago history,” Harrelson noted. “The Cubs are good and they aren’t going anywhere. It’s going to be fun watching us kick their [expletive].”

A.J. Pierzynski knows first hand how combative the series can be amongst fans and players.

“It always got my motor going. I loved playing the Cubs. I loved playing against those guys on the other side of town. It was always a fun series. It’s a shame they knocked it down to four games instead of the six like it used to be. Those six games were the most fun games in the regular season you could have, for me personally. I loved going to either Wrigley or back when it was U.S. Cellular because the city had a different feel. When both teams are good, there’s no city-wide matchup than the Cubs and Sox.”


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