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CHICAGO — It’s that time of year again for one of the Cubs’ brightest stars.

Every year around the start of April, Kris Bryant gets ready for another season on the North Side in hopes of bringing the franchise their second World Series title in three seasons.

While that is certainly true, Bryant is also keeping another tradition alive: Pranking.

The Cubs third baseman, in conjuntion with Red Bull, released this video of himself as a pizza man on Tuesday, taking some time to surprise fantasy baseball players during their drafts.

Like usual, care was taken to change Bryant’s look as he added longer hair and a beard. Some people were completely fooled at the party while others were able to pick him out quite quickly.

This is the third such video that Bryant has done for the energy drink company. Last year it was he who got pranked by Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux. He dressed up as a sound guy for a photo shoot and then began throwing batting practice to the reigning National League MVP, in which the secret came out.

In 2016, Bryant showed up at a Mesa-area college and pretended to be a walk-on player. After a few long drives, the secret go out, and the third baseman revealed his identity to the players.