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Cubs fans everywhere will approve of Grandpa Rossy’s song choice for his first routine on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Former Cubs catcher David Ross and his dancing partner Lindsay Arnold will be perform the quickstep to Steve Goodman’s “Go Cubs Go,” the reality show announced Wednesday.

Ross, 39, is the first Major League Baseball player to join DWTS.

“I think there are bigger stars, so many other guys in baseball that they could have picked,” he said in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “But I think it says a lot about the team I was on and how much America loved the team. To put me in this situation, a guy who’s been a backup catcher his entire career, basically, and all of a sudden I’m on DWTS… I’m not a special player at all, but I’ve been on some special teams with some special people. I have so many people to thank for it, including my teammates, so I’m trying to represent that group the best I can — that’s how I’m kind of looking at it.”

DWTS premieres Monday night on ABC.