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CHICAGO – When it comes to breakfast, the Cubs have you covered.

There are now three cereals to choose from – RizzO’s, Grandpa Rossy Crunch and now Ben Zobrist’s Zorilla Crunch.

“This is really special,” noted Zobrist. “I had a lot of offers after the World Series, being MVP, to do a lot of different things. There wasn’t a lot of things I chose, but this is one of them.”

Zobrist also got to choose the ingredients, which in his mind makes Zorilla Crunch the leader in the clubhouse.

“I mean, there’s only one with marshmallows in it as far as I know,” Zobrist joked. “I’m pretty sure I have the competition beat. Rizz and Grandpa Rossy are going to have to take a back seat to the Zorilla Crunch, I think maybe.”

The reigning World Series MVP not only has a new cereal, but a new spot in the lineup, as well.

Zobrist batted lead off for the second day in a row Monday after starting Sunday’s game with a home run.

“It’s a tough spot in the lineup because you want to take pitches but you also don’t want to let good pitches go by. It’s one of those things as a ball player you have to adjust to. Sometimes it’s harder to adjust to than other times. It depends on how you’re swinging it and how you’re seeing the ball. That can be very difficult at the beginning of the season. I don’t know how long it will last. Hopefully, we can get a lot of runs no matter who’s there.”