Cubs ‘optimistic’ fans can attend games in limited capacity: report


CHICAGO – Cubs fans may be able to catch at a game at Wrigley Field this summer after all.

Crane Kenney told 670 The Score’s Dan Bernstein Thursday, seats at the Friendly Confines could be available in a limited capacity at some point with the proper social distancing guidelines in place.

“I’ve been optimistic on this one for awhile,” noted Kenney, the Cubs president of business operations. “We’re fortunate to have some of the best medical professionals in our city helping us, both from Advocate and Northwestern. I’ll give credit to the City’s health department as well. There was always a path to bring fans back to Wrigley – obviously, a much smaller group than would normally attend games. The fact that Governor Pritzker ahead of us was obviously a good sign. We’re working with the city, having great conversations with the Mayor’s staff on this topic. We know our fans, if safe and if it can be done with the right precautions, would love to come back to the ballpark. We do see that happening this year.”

Tickets might be hard to come by if that’s the case. Wrigley Field holds more than 41,000 but with a 20% cap, only 8,000-plus would be allowed in if the Mayor is on board.

“We have yet to hear from the Cubs, specifically, about what is your plan for safety,” remarked Mayor Lightfoot in response to Kenney’s comments. “As I understand it, he talked about 82-hundred people in the stands at Wrigley. That’s a lot of folks and it absolutely, obviously exceeds both city and state caps on venues and capacity. But, fundamentally, whether it’s 8,000 or 800 or 80 there’s got to be a plan for safety. “

Kenny believes bleachers won’t be the only option for in-person viewing. He expects the rooftops to be open when the seasons starts. He still doesn’t know what will happen with Gallagher Way, but he has an idea of what protocol will look like inside the ballpark

“I think we probably ought to plan for masks on for the entire game when you come into the stadium,” Kenney noted. “This is all being led by the medical professionals, certainly not by myself or the operations team. This is about how can we safely bring fans back into the ballpark. Just to make it perfectly clear, we would not do this even if the Governor allowed it if we thought it would be unsafe.”


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