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CHICAGO — Wrigley Field is often called a “Cathedral of Baseball,” and on Sunday night, the flock of fans “saw the light,” hoping their faith in the team would be rewarded.

Jim Smith, a former altar boy and die-hard Cubs fan, thought religious vestments could help the team to victory.

“I thought I’d put the outfit on and see what i could do to help out,” he said.

Fans posed for holy pictures, and perhaps offered a prayer for a Cubs win.

“I think a lot of people have been praying not only the last couple of days, but for the last 108 years,” he said.

The signs of a religious experience were everywhere. A group from Chabad Lakeview was offering to pray with fans.

“For a lot of fans they’re religious in the sense of baseball, but the Jews here, too. They’re religious in Judaism and the Cubs, it’s even greater so God will help them win,” Noah Wasserman said.

So, is God a Cubs fan?

“I love that question – God is definitely a fan of people being happy,” said David Kotlerasky.

A World Series win would certainly please Cubs fans, but for some extra help, many made a pilgrimage to the statue of the High Priest of Cubdom Harry Caray, whose famous phrase after all was “Holy Cow!”

God doesn’t take sides, but at the Cathedral of Baseball, where the Cubs have lost two World Series games, maybe even a make-believe pope can make us all believe this is the year.