Christian Yelich takes shot at Yu Darvish on Twitter


CHICAGO – Get ready for the Cubs and Brewers games to get a little more heated than usual, at least when Yu Darvish and Christian Yelich face off.

As Major League Baseball ramps up its investigation into claims the 2017 Houston Astros stole signs electronically, rumors are starting to flare up about other teams who may have used similar methods.

The Milwaukee Brewers are among those baseball blogs are taking aim at.

Bleacher Nation tweeted videos and pictures of Yelich supposedly darting his eyes while Darvish gets his sign from the catcher.

Darvish chimed in with his own two cents, saying “I’m not sure what is he trying to do. But to be clear his eyes move first. That’s why I step off.”

Later he clarified, “But that’s not mean Brewers stealing signs.”

Yelich took exception and let Darvish know about it.

“Be better than this. Nobody needs help facing you.”

The numbers show the Brewers actually might need some help facing Darvish.

In his two starts against Milwaukee in 2019, Darvish allowed just one earned run in 10 innings, striking out 15 and holding the Brewers to a .216 batting average.

Yelich might not have to wait long to step in the box against Darvish. The Cubs open the season in Milwaukee on March 26th.


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