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CHICAGO – During the past few years, teams & companies have become more creative in finding ways to create new merchandise for their teams.

In 2020, that continues to be the case, and one hat maker has come up with a way for a few Major League Baseball teams to express the spirit of their cities.

Ahead of spring training, the New Era Cap Company released “Team Describe” edition of caps for a few teams, including the Cubs and White Sox.

The represented the City of Chicago on the hat in two ways – first with the city’s flag in the front and then a picture of a deep-dish pizza in the back of the cap next to the MLB logo.

Naturally, the debate of what pizza represents the city, either deep dish or tavern-style, only figures to get fired up when it comes to these particular caps. Not only are they featured with the baseball teams, but the Bulls also have a “Team Describe” cap that features a similar design meant to represent Chicago.

Whether these limited edition hats will be used in an official capacity for either team is to be seen, but they figure to generate plenty of debate for fans on both the north and south sides.