Bryant’s cleats and magic in the dirt? All part of the Cubs historic win according to Harry Caray’s owner

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CHICAGO – Chicago Cubs fans are a superstitious bunch, more used to dealing with omens of bad luck than good. But Harry Caray’s restaurant is about to get a unique memento from the Cubs win.

Kris Bryant fielded the final out and broke the team’s 108 year drought to clinch a World Series win.

Now Harry Caray’s restaurant owner Grant Deporter has paid $35,000 dollars for Bryant’s cleats from the game.

But that’s not all.

He told the Chicago Tribune  he sees images of the late announcer Harry Caray in the dirt splattered upon them.

Deporter had the dirt examined under the microscope.

He says he sees the Cubs bear, and the Cubs famous C logo in the images too.


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