Chicago teams get into the Valentine’s Day spirit


White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu was featured by the team on a Twitter Valentine on February 14th. (Courtesy: Twitter/@WhiteSox

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CHICAGO – Love it or hate it, plenty of people are always going to celebrate it.

That includes a number of sports teams in Chicago, who are getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day in a number of ways on Tuesday.

For the city’s two baseball teams, it’s quite a day since both teams open up their Spring Training in Arizona with the reporting of pitchers and catchers to training camp.

While enjoying the start of a new season, both teams remembered to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The White Sox took it a step further, with personalized Valentines featuring their players.

Meanwhile, the Blackhawks tweeted something similar, making Valentines using four of their players on Twitter.

Here are some of the Bears’ posts from the day.

The Bulls might have come up with the best and with the most effort. They posted a video from the “Luvabulls” dance team made just in honor of the holiday.


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