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The Chicago Bears and their fans got their first formal look at the team’s new head coach Monday morning, as John Fox was introduced during a press conference at Halas Hall.

Fox, 59, had previous stints with the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. He led each team to a Super Bowl appearance, but lost both games.

During his press conference, Fox spoke of his coaching and motivating tactics, implying his leadership style extends beyond the field.

“Just like your own children, you’re teaching young men how to be better young men,” Fox said.

When asked about the level of scrutiny and the expectations surrounding a job with such a high profile as the Chicago Bears’, Fox said, “This is a competitive game; we know what we signed up for.

“That’s why we’re compensated so well to do what we do.”

But Fox knows he can’t do it all on his own.

“This is a ‘we, not me’ profession,” Fox said.

Fox takes over for the much-maligned Bears, who missed out the playoffs this past season following a last-place finish.

Fox’s hiring has also led to speculation about the future of quarterback Jay Cutler, perhaps one of the city’s most polarizing athletes. Fox said he would talk to new general manager Ryan Pace and Jay Cutler in the coming days, and said he wasn’t prepared to talk in much detail about Cutler until he has had the chance to meet the team’s quarterback.

Fox did say, however, that when it comes to attributes he looks for in a quarterback, he said, “One that wins.”

Many questions that came Fox’s way had themes of high expectations and difficult talent evaluations, but Fox said he is aware of all the challenges.

“I’m gonna give you everything I’ve got,” Fox said. “That trophy is kind of lonely out in that hallway.”

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.