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CHICAGO – Candace Parker is savoring every last minute of her hometown team’s first WNBA championship.

The Naperville native had flashbacks to her high school days, dribbling out the final few seconds of the Sky’s 80-74 win over the Mercury Sunday.

“It was amazing to just hug my dad and my mom and my family. It was just an amazing feeling to be from here and see so many people in the stands that have been supporting you since you started. I sent Allie a picture this morning of us when we were in high school, and it was like, man, not bad for two suburban kids, right, playing in the WNBA Finals together?”

When Parker announced she was coming to Chicago back in February, a lot of the city’s biggest names and stars welcomed her home, including Portillo’s.

Fittingly, Parker capped her dream season with a stop at the drive thru to celebrate her second title.

“We pulling up to Portillo’s! We on our Giannis Antetokounmpo stuff!”

Parker was referring to when the Bucks’ star order 50 Chick-n-minis at the Chick-fil-A drive thru the morning after winning his first NBA championship.

Parker appeared to be treating her family and friends, including her 12-year old daughter Lailaa, who she shared a special moment with after clinching the WNBA crown, again.

“Before I decided to come here, which has been like — it’s tough, we’re away from each other. We started the season for a month; we’re never away from each other. So I asked her if it was okay if I came to Chicago, and she was like, I want another picture. Like I want another picture like that.

And it’s crazy because she came out to the court and said, “we did it,” and it was just like, surreal. She’s grown up. I owe everything I am to her, just because she’s been my motivation and my reason for everything.

We’ve gone through this together. You know? Like she sacrifices her mom so that I can live my dream. I just am so thankful for her, that she’s here for the big moments, but she’s also here when I don’t want to get up and go work out, she sees those moments. So I just am so, just, over the moon at how amazing she’s grown up to be, and I know I’m partial, but she’s an amazing young lady. And I just appreciate her sacrifice and her being here and just everything. So that’s what that was.”