Brooke Weisbrod previews the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO – There are always a lot of reasons to get excited about the NBA Draft Lottery on any given year, but something is different about 2019.

That’s because of the guy who everyone sees as a franchise-changing being available for the team that gets lucky with their selections.

Zion Williamson is the consensus No. 1 overall pick for this year’s NBA Draft, and the Bulls are among a number of teams hoping that they can get their shot to select the potential superstar.

Brooke Weisbrod of ESPN is one of those who is excited about how things will shake out over the course of 30 minutes on a Tuesday night, and she took some time to talk with Josh Frydman on Tuesday’s Sports Feed. They talked about what it would mean for the Bulls to get Williamson and what other players could be there if they don’t get the top selection.

You can watch Brooke’s segment on the show in the video above.


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