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CHICAGO – It’s getting to the point where the Blackhawks have to get creative when it comes to honoring his career achievements.

The one the team had on Tuesday for Patrick Kane could be one of the most creative. At the very least, it will be the most relaxing.

The team released this “meditation” video featuring Kane counting up from one to 1,000 in tribute to his latest achievement: 1,000 NHL games. He’ll reach that mark when he takes the ice for the first time Tuesday against the Stars at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

It’s a unique way to salute the latest milestone for Kane in what has been a string of them in the last year. In 2020, Kane scored his 1000th point, then on February 28th, he got his 400th goal in a win over the Red Wings at the United Center.

So when 1,000 games came up, the Blackhawks’ productions department had an idea, and Kane bought in.

“It was Pat Dahl, he’s in the Blackhawks front office, thought it would be something funny,” said Kane. “I think the PR staff did a good job putting it together, and Pat Dahl is a genius with that stuff. I think you’re looking at it at first like ‘What am I doing here’ and ‘How’s is this going to turn out?’ From what I hear and see, it seems like it got pretty good reaction.

“It’s fun to do that stuff sometimes.”

Eclipsing the 1,000 game mark will be even better, further proof of Kane’s success and longevity in the sport. He remains the best player on the Blackhawks and one of the best in the league as he continues in his prime years, scoring 11 goals and passing out 27 assists in 26 games in the 2021 season.

Kane’s 400 goals and 660 assists have come in his first 999 career games, beginning with his first contest with the Blackhawks on October 4, 2007 against the Wild on the road.

“It’s crazy that you get to 1,000 so quickly,” said Kane. “It seems like yesterday I was just starting in hte league or playing with the London Knights. It’s amazing to get to this number. Feel fortunate to play in the league for this long for this many games. So I’m excited to reach 1,000 tonight.”

As another milestone comes and goes for the face of the Blackhawks’ franchise.