How To: Relax

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We get it, life can be stressful! But learning to relax is crucial to your health and can have some serious mental and physical benefits. Relaxation techniques can include anything from moderate exercise, to meditation, to spending time with family and friends. Here are just some benefits to learning to kick back and relax:

  1. Heart health: studies have shown that stress can lead to heart disease. Keeping stress in check in turn, protects your heart.
  2. Immunity: relaxation can help fight against inflammation. The result? Fewer colds.
  3. Improved Memory: chronic stress affects the brain and when you effectively manage and reduce stress, your memory benefits as a result.
  4. Weight management: when you’re stressed, you’re more likely to give into that 3:00 craving. Resist temptation by practicing deep breathing techniques or keeping a worry journal.



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