Hawks fans show pride at O’Hare, but not many going to Game 1

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CHICAGO — As is typical at O’Hare Airport on any given day, a lot of travelers headed out of town. And on Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, a lot of Blackhawks fans were sporting their pride. But finding a fan headed to the Hawks in Tampa? Not so easy.

There was a lot of gear across the airport: fancy manicures, tons of t-shirts and jerseys — even a little jewelry.

While most said they weren’t traveling to the game, many of fans would love to be there — and many are frustrated by Tampa’s ticket restrictions, as well as the practice of banning opposing team jersey’s in certain areas of Tampa’s arena.

But even the mighty might Hawks need a little Chicago love in the Sunshine State, and born and bred Chicagoan John Muranti was our man!

So regardless of so-called restrictions, black and red will block out a little of that Florida sun.

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