Dunkin’ Donuts Blackhawks coffee cups brew an upset with Blues fans

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ST LOUIS — A Dunkin’ Donuts shipping error just left a bitter taste in mouths of St. Louis Blues fans after selling coffee in Chicago Blackhawk’s cups.

The cups said, “Dunkin’ Donuts: The official coffee of the Chicago Blackhawks.” Blues fans, one of the Hawks’ longest standing rivals, were not happy, especially because the cups were served at the same as the Blues-Blackhawks playoff series.

At Game 1 of the playoffs, KMOV showed Blues fans the cups as they walked into the game at the Scottrade Center. It’s safe to say the cups brewed up a lot of feelings.

“That’s disgusting. They can’t do that here,” said one Blues fan.

“That’s offensive,” added another.

Dunkin’ Donuts sent a statement explaining the cup’s shipping error:

“Due to an untimely shipping error from the regional distribution center. Being a local business owner and fan of the hometown team, the franchisee plans to switch out the cups as soon as they receive a new shipment.”

The Dunkin’ Donuts store quickly removed all Blackhawks cups by Wednesday that same week.

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