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Former Blackhawks Joel Quenneville has kept a pretty low profile since his firing in early November.  Sunday, Quenneville was back on the bench coaching a group of Blackhawks alums at a charity event at Willowbrook Ice Arena.

Dan Roan was able to catch up with Coach Q to find out what he’s been up to, how closely he’s watching his former team, how he dealt with his dismissal, and how soon he’s likely to get back on an NHL bench.

“In our business there’s not too many surprises anymore. I was privileged to be in Chicago for 10 years. It’s part of the business, I understand all that. I know when I exited other places, the bitterness, the animosity was at a different level. Here the memories were so special and so good. The people here were so special to me and my family that it was tough.

“I never thanked the fans since I left, but I’ve got nothing but appreciation and admire all they’ve done and supported our team and our experience in Chicago.”