CHICAGO — You can add another preseason achievement to the resume of the Blackhawks’ No. 1 overall pick in his first NHL preseason.

But you might be able to understand why Connor Bedard wasn’t exactly going over the top with his celebration for this moment at the United Center.

In the closing moments of the Blackhawks’ fourth preseason game against the Red Wings, the center notched his first goal as he fired the puck into the empty net with 1:09 to go.

But if you were looking for a big reaction from Bedard, you didn’t get it.

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

It was, in fact, an uncontested goal that sealed the 4-2 victory, so he had a rather subdued reaction to this unique moment in his career.

After all, it wasn’t after one of his strong pushes to the net that he showed off during his first four games. This one came as the contest was about to end, so the rookie had a rather veteran take on the goal.

This score concluded another strong contest for the rookie, his third of the preseason, as he also finished with a pair of assists in the win. Bedard also had two assists, including the one on the game-winner, in the Blackhawks’ 2-1 win over the Blues in their preseason opener on September 28.

Two more preseason games remain for the Blackhawks – Thursday against the Wild at the United Center and Saturday against the Blues in St. Louis. Bedard then makes his regular season debut against the Penguins in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.