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CHICAGO – When his battle began last summer, the support has come from all around the Windy City, the NHL, and even the world.

Eddie Olczyk felt the love from players and teams in the National Hockey League along with the fans after his diagnosis of Colon Cancer in August. A number of times during his treatment, he mentioned just how much the support has meant to him over the past few months.

On Thursday, Olczyk had a gift for all of those that offered their support the entire way.

During the broadcast of the Blackhawks-Canucks game on NBC Sports Chicago, the Blackhawks analyst announced that he is cancer-free after nearly seven months of treatment. He made the announcement with good friend and team play-by-play announcer Pat Foley by his side.

It came after Olczyk’s final scan following the end of his chemotherapy treatment, which revealed that all of the cancer was gone. An emotional Foley had a fist pump after his partner revealed the news, and Olczyk once again thanked everyone for their support during the past few months.

“It’s been a team effort, not only from the great doctors but from this organization, from Rocky Wirtz, John McDonough, Jay Blunk, Coach Q, hockey operations, these great trainers, our broadcasters, you partner for all the texts and the visits daily,” said Olczyk, then giving Foley a pat on the shoulder. “The National Hockey League, all my friends, and my family. All my brothers, Ricky and Randy, my mom and dad.

“Of course my four kids – Eddie, Tommy, Zandra, and Nicky – and my beautiful wife Diana. If it wasn’t for them, there was no way I would have gotten through this. So I believe we all beat this. I’m thankful for all the support and prayers – they worked. I’m proud to stand here before everybody and let them know that we’ve beat this thing.

“I’ve had enough crying to last me a lifetime, partner, and I’m just so excited that I got that call on March the 14th at 5:07 PM, letting me know that my scans were clear.”

Along with those immediately around him, Olczyk also saluted the fans for their well wishes since August.

“I can emphasize enough the support out there from the great fan base, not only here with the Blackhawks, Pat, and I laid my hockey helmet at a lot of different places. The horse racing community. Just the texts, the emails, the letters – I’ve received thousands and thousands of mail,” said Olczyk. “I won’t be able to thank everybody, but I just want everybody to know that on behalf of everybody on behalf of Eddie Olczyk and his family, we are forever grateful for the support and the prayers, and the well wishes we received over the course of the last seven months.”

He rewarded them with some great news on Thursday.