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CHICAGO – One by one, prominent athletes from around the country are making donations to organizations in their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week, it was the Blackhawks’ captain who joined that group of those helping out organizations in Chicago.

On Thursday, through his personal foundation, Toews donated $100,000 to the Chicago Community COVID-19 response fund. It’s the biggest donation from a member of the Blackhawks to the effort so far and is also in step with the franchise as well.

The Blackhawks have pledged to match the first $100,000 fan donations to the response fund have done so since March 18th.

Toews also made headlines this week as he took part in a segment for NBC’s “Today” show to wish a seven-year-old fan Happy Birthday. He sent the message to Declan after his birthday party, scheduled to take place at a Blackhawks’ game, was canceled due to the pandemic.