Chicago native’s Teamworks app helps NCAA tournament run more efficiently

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INDIANAPOLIS – Pulling off the Men’s and Women’s NCAA tournaments during a pandemic has been no easy task.

But it is made simpler thanks to a platform developed by native Chicagoan Zach Maurides.

The Glenbrook South High School graduate hatched the idea for Teamworks, a platform and app to centralize and improve communications for sports organizations, while as a football player for Duke in the early 2000s.

“We needed a central system where everyone could collaborate around the care and development for the athlete, and I needed one place to go to receive all the information for my life as student athlete,” Maurides said.

Now more than 2500 pro and collegiate sports organizations use his app to help them run more efficiently.

“It is going to have their class schedule, workout schedule, rehab schedule, when they have media interviews,” Maurides said. “Also, the way they interface with the groups. They can chat with the trainer there. They can talk to someone in marketing about branding on social media. They do that through the app.”

Every tournament team in Indianapolis and San Antonio benefited from Teamworks through the platform’s partnership with the NCAA.

“Every team, whether they are a Teamworks customer or not, via the NCAA will have their schedule, practices, meal schedule, everything built in for them,” Maurides said of the app’s use at the NCAA Tournament bubble locations.  “All communication throughout the entire tournament is done through the platform.”

The app also helps teams navigate pandemic protocols, with daily symptom checks, testing reminders and contact tracing.

“What we are doing is taking the athlete’s entire life and digitizing it. For the athlete, they have a lot of focus and clarity. Everything they need to do is right there in one place.”

Among the local teams that use Teamworks are the University of Illinois, Northwestern, DePaul, and the Chicago Bulls.

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