CHICAGO – While the 2022 season on the field didn’t produce much excitement for the Bears, their offseason promises to be different.

Ryan Poles will have $93 million in cap space to try to address a few issues when it comes to the roster, which he can start to do when the new NFL year begins on March 15.

While the Bears’ general manager will take a look at those players available in free agency, he’ll also be busy with his scouts looking at the NFL Draft – and the team’s situation is quite advantageous.

Thanks to a 3-14 record during the 2022 season, the Bears have the first overall pick for just the third time in team history. It allows Poles to either select a player he feels strongly about or, most likely, trade the selection to a team in need of a quarterback for a multitude of picks.

Either way, the Bears have a critical offseason of scouting ahead, and a big time to do so was last week in Mobile, Alabama.

The Senior Bowl brought some of the best college football players in the country together to compete against each other while also giving teams the chance to see these players perform against elite-level competition.

Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was a HEAD coach of one of the teams as Poles, assistant general manager Ian Cunningham, and head coach Matt Eberflus watched some of the practices in Mobile during the week.

Robert Schmitz of Windy City Gridiron was in Mobile for the week and he took some time to discuss what he saw & give his thoughts on the Bears’ draft options on “9 Good Minutes” on Wednesday.

You can watch his full interview with Larry Hawley in the video above.