LAKE FOREST – Often these are the moments that can end up defining the tenure of a general manager at his particular stop.

One could easily say that was the case for Ryan Pace, who had a few first round misses that forced him to make other moves that put the Bears in cap trouble and ultimately led to his dismissal. Ryan Poles has inherited what was left behind, and to be frank, that wasn’t much when it comes to draft capital in 2022.

The new Bears’ general manager has six selections over the next three days in the NFL Draft and doesn’t have one in the first round, making his job of retooling the roster a little more difficult over the next three days. If he wants more picks, he’ll have to probably trade down, and moving up to the first round would likely cost a prominent roster player or even more precious draft capital.

Of course, Poles wasn’t going to complain about that.

He took the job in January knowing full well the allotment of draft picks he’d have at his disposal for this April’s draft and is ready to get to work this weekend. Poles even hinted that the Bears could trade back to accumulate more picks to add more players to a roster very much under construction.

“It’s definitely a challenge but at the same time, that’s why I was hired, that’s why our group is doing what we do, is to take what we have and construct the best roster we can and have the best draft we can,” said Poles. “I do think we will be in the business, depending on where it is and what it looks like, in moving back and trying to create more.

“That’s just what we’ve been handed and we’re going to try and maximize that.”

While that certainly doesn’t sound like a general manager who is ready to trade up into the first round, Poles and his staff plan to be active on Thursday as the first round gets underway. Remember, this is the first time that this front office will go through their preparations in their “War Room” at Halas Hall, so a run-through certainly doesn’t hurt.

“It’s going to be fun because we spend so much time watching this and seeing just how things play out,” said Poles. “The other thing is there’s going to be the opportunity for us to continue to simulate us having a pick and acting like maybe we’re at ten, maybe we’re at 20, and just act like we’re at different spots and just repping it out the communication to make sure that when we go the next day that we’re ready.”

They certainly need to be as they continue to build the Bears.