FOXBOROUGH, MA – There are a few Bears fans who are feeling a little better about the team’s top quarterback after what he did Monday night against the Patriots.

In one of the best games of his career, Justin Fields went 13-for-21 through the air for 179 yards and a touchdown with an interception while leading the team with 82 yards rushing along with another score.

The quarterback’s play was a highlight of the Bears’ 33-14 win over New England, the first for the team in Foxborough in franchise history.

But general manager Ryan Pace had plenty of praise to give Fields before this performance, doing so in a news conference in the Gillette Stadium press box before the start of Monday’s game.

“We’re encouraged with the progress that’s there,” said Poles when asked about Fields’ progress in 2022. “I know it’s not on the statistics and on the paper all the time. But he’s getting better in a lot of different areas. I think as a whole, we’ve got to continue to play better around him as well to allow him to keep playing well and get his confidence going and execute at a high level.”

Fields has made seven starts in his second season with the Bears as he’s been learning a new scheme along with adjusting to a number of new teammates on offense. It’s led to some difficult moments in the early going of the 2022 campaign, but there have been times where the 2021 first round pick has shown the potential to be the team’s franchise quarterback.

It’s the latter that has Poles encouraged about Fields’ so far this year.

“With young players, you’re looking for the flashes, and I think he has shown the flashes of getting the ball out on time, being accurate, some of the deep shots including the one to (Dante) Pettis (touchdown in Week 6 vs Commanders) was incredible,” said Poles. “So continuing to do those things, that’s what we’re looking for.”

So how will Poles continue to evaluate Fields as he looks for more growth from the quarterback over the rest of the 2022 season?

“How he’s being used, so we put him in a position where he can be successful, and then the execution of the details of what he’s been asked to do, and really speeding up to the game and making decisions quicker,” said Poles. “But, again, the beautiful thing about football, it’s reliant on everybody else.

“So, as a whole, we’ll have to improve and I think we’ll see that everyone starts to get better and then we’ll start to ascend.”

He saw that a few hours later out of his team and quarterback against the Patriots on Monday evening.