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CHICAGO – One of the best moments of this month, and really the entire Bears’ 2017 season, could have been the appearance of one of the team’s most popular players at Halas Hall.

It’s something that Zach Miller has done all the time, but when he crutched his way into the team’s headquarters on Monday it meant so much more. It was the first time he’d been there since his devastating knee injury against the Saints on October 29th.

Emergency surgery was needed to save his leg, and following 23 days in a New Orleans  hospital he finally came home to the Chicago area. Since then, Miller has been limited to the confines of his home as he continues to recover from the surgery.

While physically he was there for the first time on Monday, it wasn’t like Miller wasn’t trying to make an impact on those around him. He made sure to get on his phone and make sure his young quarterback was OK.

“He texted me almost every day, checking up on me,” and I needed to be checking up on him,” said Trubisky of Miller.

You could say that meant something to the rookie quarterback, who threw his first career NFL touchdown to Miller in Week 5 against the Vikings at Soldier Field.

“It just tells you what king of person he is,” said Trubisky. “He’s still worried about this team. He wants to continue to see me go out there and develop. Everytime I go out there I know it’s a reflection of my teammates and Zach so I’m trying to put on a show for him and continue to make him proud.

“For him to be in the building, he’s a positive guy. You want to be around him. Especially the situation he’s going through, a bad situation, he’s still making the most of it, and he’s still got a smile on his face. He’s an incredible person, can’t say enough about Zach and what he’s meant to this team.”

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