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LAKE FOREST – The best case scenario is that the success that the quarterback had at the end of the game against the Falcons would pick up once he started things off against the Colts.

It was too much, perhaps, to wish for considering that Nick Foles was starting his first game for the Bears against one of the top defenses in the NFL. Indeed that was the case, as the offense which fans saw over four quarters on Sunday looked awfully familiar.

The running game could get nothing going, and Foles was only able to put together a trio of solid drives that produced just 11 points. The result was 19-11 defeat to Indianapolis that cooled the optimism surrounding the quarterback after his three touchdown rally in the win in Atlanta in Week 3.

It comes at a bad time for the Bears, too.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to town on Thursday not only with quarterback Tom Brady, who the Bears have never beaten, but also a much improved defense. Their unit is fourth in the NFL in yards allowed and ninth in points, which bring about another challenge for an offense still trying to find itself.

On Monday, as he begins preparations for the game just hours after the loss to the Colts, Nagy wasn’t about to lose faith in his signal caller after a bad week – and for him the reason is obvious.

“Just his experience. He’s been there, done that,” said Nagy when asked about having faith that Foles can turn it around in a short week. “There’s no concern like ‘Oh no, here’s an issue, or here’s this or here’s that. We don’t have that, we really don’t.”

That’s because Nagy knows that Foles has been through plenty in his nine years in the NFL. From winning a job to losing one, winning a Super Bowl as a back-up then winning a playoff game in the same role again, then losing a job after an injury in 2019.

One shaky game where he was 26-of-42 for 249 yard and a touchdown and an interception doesn’t change the thought process for Nagy.

“That’s one of his biggest strengths is that he’s got a lot of calmness to him and he doesn’t get too panicked about things,” said Nagy. “It permeates and spreads through the rest of the team.”

Whether Foles can translate that to success coming up on Thursday night is to be seen. At least the quarterback was keeping a tough early evening on Sunday in perspective after the game.

“I think the big thing you see from that is guys didn’t give up. We kept fighting, and that’s something you can build on,” said Foles on Sunday. “We have made the first four weeks of the season pretty hard on ourselves, so it’s something where we have to continue to improve and get better and just go out there and play good team ball and if we do that, I think some really good things will happen.”

At least Matt Nagy believes so.

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