Jarrett Payton catches up with CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson & the other Chase Daniel

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LONDON – The Bears got to do a little sightseeing Saturday. Jarrett Payton did the same. He ran into fans from all walks of life, but one family in particular could not have asked for a better weekend to come to London.
They are Bears season ticket holders from New Jersey and their son’s name is Chase Daniel. “We were thinking about naming him Chase. Then after we watched the Thanksgiving game,” explained little Chase’s dad Bart Chlewicki. “Chase Daniel led the Bears to victory so we made the decision to name him Chase Daniel.” “I wasn’t shocked. I knew that there somehow had to be a Bears tie-in,” remarked little Chase’s mom Jenny Chlewicki. “I’m a huge Buckeye fan so I understand crazy. I understand the mentality and here we are. Look how cute this kid is. He was meant to be a Chase Daniel.” “My oldest daughter’s name is Payton, so she knew we were good to go,” Bart noted. Bart has been a season ticket holder since 2003. He has gone to the home opener with Payton eight years in a row, but this Sunday is a road game. When they planned the trip, there was no way of knowing little Chase would get to see big Chase make his first start of the season. “It’s just such a special family trip. To have lucked out – sorry Trubisky – and be able to see Chase Daniel play while Chase Daniel’s at the game, what more could you want?” asked Jenny. “We’ll remember it forever.” Bart and Jenny are part of a bigger family in town this weekend, The Monsters of the Tri-State Facebook group. “People from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania,” said Bart. “The first time Bart invited everyone from our house, he hadn’t met anyone from the group. I was like, “Who’s coming to this?” laughed Jenny. The group includes a number of police officers, who try to embody the teamwork they watch together every Bears game. “It’s like a team – quarterback, defense. Sarge this happened. Coach we need this,” explained a Tri-State Monster named Kennedy. “It’s a team effort. It’s a beautiful thing.” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson flew overseas to see the game too. He shares a similar sentiment to the Tri-Staters regarding the connection between football and the police force. “When you see the love and support that the Bears get it’s about the city of Chicago, what they mean to them, and bringing the city together. That’s what we’re trying to do with the police department. I always say the police department is only as strong as the faith that the community has in it. The Bears emulate that. I’ve been a cop 31 years. What that does, is it brings the city together. People don’t have those petty beefs and disputes when the Bears are doing well so I’m always rooting for them. I wish them nothing but success.”


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