LAKE FOREST – While the debate about his ability to reach his potential has bubbled up as of late, there is one thing that’s not a question when it comes to the Bears’ starting quarterback.

When Justin Fields plays a bad game, he’s the first to say it.

After throwing for 106 yards and two interceptions against the Texans, the quarterback called his performance trash in the postgame news conference. He’s didn’t mince words about other aspects of his play in response to other questions either.

While that is noble, the hope is that Fields wouldn’t make those mistakes again and reach the potential for the Bears that he showed during his time at Ohio State.

So how does the quarterback respond when he has a bad game? Once again, it’s rather simple.

“Just learn from my mistakes,” said Fields when asked about how he bounces back. “My response is to get back to work and keep working.”

Sunday’s contest against the Giants will be the quarterback’s 15th in the NFL, so there are some growing pains still to be had, like with any other player in pro football. But in a league that demands quick results, the timer can start quickly, especially for quarterbacks, and especially once who play for the Bears.

Yet Fields isn’t letting it get to him to much, as evidence by his answer on Wednesday when asked if there’s anyone he leans on for advice or encouragement when struggling.

“I’ve had bad games before. This isn’t my first bad game that I’ve ever had so, again, just looking at the past. What can you do to get better, what can you do to improve, just how you look at situations that maybe you’ve had in the past like this and what you do to respond to it,” said Fields. “We have a guy here for mental health, so if I’m ever down that bad, I can go talk to him. But really, just learning from your mistakes, knowing you’re not going to be perfect and just moving on, and just accepting the fact that we won the game.

“It’s easier to correct mistakes after a win than a loss, of course, so just correcting each and every mistake and trying to be better in every aspect.”

Naturally, he’ll start with the passing attack, which is currently last in the NFL at 78.3 yards per game. Fields is 23-for-45 for 297 yards passing and two touchdowns compared to four interceptions. While coaches have been pointing out the things for the quarterback and others to fix, Fields says the coaches have also had a good balance to their feedback.

“I think they’re really positive. Just try to keep everybody on a positive page. Just learning from our mistakes,” said Fields. “It’s life. It’s football. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re not going to be perfect. So just learning from your mistakes and making sure it doesn’t happen again.”