For Danny Trevathan, staying safe in the pandemic is every Bears’ responsibility

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – NOVEMBER 10: Danny Trevathan #59 of the Chicago Bears pressures Jeff Driskel #2 of the Detroit Lions during the first quarter at Soldier Field on November 10, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

LAKE FOREST – His fourth year as a member of the Bears was shaping up to be his best.

In fact, Danny Trevathan already had three tackles against the Lions on November 10th at Soldier Field when his elbow hit the ground ackwardly while putting a hit on Detroit quarterback Jeff Driskel.

That ended his season after nine games, one in which he was a consistent performer on the Bears’ defense with 70 tackles and a sack. His loss was one of the many to injury in a difficult season, and it denied Trevathan the shot at his best campaign.

“I was just touching the tip of the ‘berg. I started to get a feel for the defense, started to get a feel for the inside backer for the defense and playing for my guys and understanding,” said Trevathan of 2019. “Now I understand football so well. I know how to play the game mentally and beat people mentally as well as physically.

“I was definitely going to turn it up a couple of notches last year.”

Now the question is if he can do that in 2020 under much different circumstances in his fifth year with the Bears and ninth in the NFL. Trevathan understands that getting the chance to do so won’t just be a question of his own improvement on the field but also the discipline to take safety precautions during the pandemic.

“You never know whether you’re going to have a season or not, all you can do is be prepared and take care of yourselves,” said Trevathan. “The vibe’s been pretty well. Guys are concerned about it but we’re playing it smart amongst ourselves. That’s why when you worry about it, you take it more seriously, and you’re on top of guys.

“The downtime is really where you’ve got to be a pro and you have to govern yourself and take it seriously. One slip up and it can spread like wildfire as far as I’ve seen. You’ve just got to hone in and think about the big picture.”

As one of the team leaders, Trevathan considers it the responsibility of himself and others take make sure that players are taking every precaution.

“We’ve got to govern ourselves. Everybody’s got to be accountable. Everybody’s got to be responsible. You don’t want nobody coming in there sick and you end up getting sick and you take it back home to your family,” said Trevathan. “That’s just not a good feeling or a good look in those situations.”

If he along with the rest of the team can take care of business, Trevathan might get the chance to pick up where he left off before his injury in 2019. So far in training camp, he feels like he’s in position to do so.

“I never lost it, in my mind, and how I’m feel and how it’s showing now, I’ve never lost it,” said Trevathan of his momentum from last season, but it will take more that just work on football to show it in 2020.


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