MERRIONETTE PARK, Ill. — Anticipation is building as many await word on whether Chicago Bears legend Steve “Mongo” McMichael will make it to the next round of seniors committee voting to possibly gain entrance into the National Football League Hall of Fame.

According to Mongo’s wife — Misty McMichael — they got a call from the NFL Hall of Fame today, but aren’t able to share news on the decision until tomorrow.

“It’s just amazing. It’s been suspenseful, it’s been killing me and now that I have to wait another day,” McMichael said. “I’ll wait, I’ll be patient. He’s been nominated for years but this is the closest we’ve ever been.”

If Mongo makes it through to the next round of voting from the NFL seniors committee, he’ll be one of three candidates voted on for official admittance into Canton, which is announced at the NFL Awards Show during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

Until then, McMichael said they’re just going to enjoy the time they have with friends, family and former teammates, with a little throwback Chicago Bears-flair in mind.

“So we’re just gonna do like the Super Bowl shuffle and party before we win, you know,” McMichael said.

Since 2021, the former stalwart Bears defensive tackle has been battling ALS — losing his ability to speak, and leaving him paralyzed.

Weeks ago, Mongo was hospitalized for pneumonia and sepsis after going unconscious, but now he’s back home, still undergoing treatment, but once again proving he’s a fighter pulling through the struggle.

“It’s been so much,” McMichael said. We just got home a week ago – like 10 days ago actually – we did ten days of antibiotics to combat the pneumonia.”