Did Bears’ Khalil Mack not hand out Halloween candy this year?

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CHICAGO — Trick-or-treaters hoping to score candy from their favorite Chicago Bear were disappointed this Halloween.

A video circulating online purports to show a security guard standing outside of Khalil Mack’s Glencoe mansion saying, “This house isn’t doing Halloween this year.”


The person recording the video asks if he can bring the security guard a bag of candy to hand out, saying it’s the only house in the entire neighborhood not handing out candy.

The security guard responded: “All I know is I was just asked to stand out here and say this house isn’t participating this year.”

The video, first posted Sunday evening, is approaching half a million views on Twitter.

A WGN photographer said he spoke to Mack about the video Tuesday, and the outside lineman denied it was his house.

However, neighbors in the area confirm the house is his.


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