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CHICAGO – If they had one for the nine previous games, you’d have to think that their postgame party would be a little more epic for their tenth.

That’s because the Bears’ victory over the Packers locked up the NFC North division crown – the first for the team since the 2010 season. The triumph is arguably one of the biggest over the past decade – and the celebration certainly live up to that.

The team’s postgame “Club Dub” featured the players decked out in their NFC North champion hats and T-Shirts with a little more excitement than usual following the landmark win.

Head coach Matt Nagy followed it with a quick speech, congratulating the team for their achievement, yet stressing the importance of not being satisfied.

“Enjoy it, enjoy this thing. But as I just got done saying, we are not done,” said Nagy. “You got me?”

While time will tell what the Bears can do with their first playoff berth in eight years, they certainly enjoyed the moment on Sunday, as you could see on social media.