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LAKE FOREST – When he was pulled from the game late in the fourth quarter, the Bears quickly put out an injury report for their starting quarterback.

Per the notification, Mitchell Trubisky was taken out due to a hip injury, but some began to wonder if this was legitimate considering the offense’s continued struggles against the Rams in a 17-7 loss Sunday night at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

But Matt Nagy left no doubt in his postgame news conference that the injury was real and Chase Daniel was not put in because of the quarterback’s performance. On Monday, the head coach had more specifics on Trubisky’s injury.

During his news conference at Halas Hall, Nagy said that Trubisky is dealing with a hip pointer that he suffered on a sack late in the second quarter. After getting wrapped up and taken to the grown by Troy Hill, Trubisky’s hip was hit by Michael Brocker’s knee as he went to the ground.

“That’s where we ended up keeping an eye on it and noticing it, and we wanted to be careful of it affecting his play,” said Nagy of the injury. ”

Nagy said team athletic trainers evaluated the quarterback and determined initially that he could continue to play. But as the game went on, the hip began to stiffen and eventually led to him getting taken out late in the fourth quarter.

“You’ll see some of the lack of follow-throughs on the arm throws where he really wasn’t able to step into things. Over time, when it became more of a concern with us as a staff, was when I said it was a couple of series. So I knew about it; I knew he had a hip deal, but it wasn’t significant enough to not play. But over time the stiffness got to a point to where he really wasn’t able to sit on the bleachers, on the bench.

“That’s when I became aware of it and kept an eye on it for about a series-and-a-half, and then that’s when even before they scored the touchdown to go up ten, we had already made the decision that we were going to go with Chase.”

Trubisky’s status for Sunday’s game against the Giants is unknown. The first injury report won’t be released until after Wednesday’s practice.

Sunday was another difficult game for the quarterback, who finished 24-of-43 for 190 yards with a touchdown and an interception with a rating of 65.1.