INDIANAPOLIS – There is an opportunity for a number of players to change the mind of Ryan Poles as he evaluates them at the NFL Combine over the next week.

But the Bears’ general manager isn’t wavering on one major topic when it comes to his team ahead of the 2023 season: Justin Fields is his quarterback, even as he holds the top overall selection in April’s draft

“No. Nothing’s changed there,” said Poles at his pre-combine news conference in Indianapolis when asked if his feelings on the signal caller had changed from his comments in January when he committed to Fields as the starter for next season.

Back then he also mentioned that he’d have to be “blown away” by the talents of another quarterback to change his mind, and that hasn’t changed either.

Poles concurred with reports that surfaced Monday that the Bears are leaning towards dealing the No. 1 overall pick since they won’t be in need of selecting a franchise quarterback. A number of other teams are in that position, which could net the Bears a strong return of picks to fill a number of holes on the roster.

“The deal from yesterday, in terms of leaning one way or the other, I think that’s always been the case, we’ve always leaned that way, because Justin did some good things,” said Poles. “I’m excited about where his game’s going to go.”

Yet Poles did confirm that the team will scout and talk with some of the quarterback prospects at the draft since they hold the top selection, making sure they do the necessary homework for evaluation.

While they do so, the plan is to make sure Fields is in the loop, which Poles has already done in what promises to be a busy few months between free agency and the draft.

“When you sit in our situation at No. 1 overall, you have to do your due diligence, you have to investigate everything, we’ve got to spend time with those guys, just to make sure we’re making the right decision,” said Poles. “What’s important to me, and I think everybody knows me by now and how I want to treat our players, we’ll be in communication with Justin along the way, just to make sure that he knows what we’re doing and nothing’s a surprise to him.”

What are his words to Fields?

“There’s going to be a lot of noise and just know that I’m going to keep you up to date on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.,” said Poles. “I think that’s important for him to kinda know what we’re doing.”

But for right now, it looks like the Bears know what they are going to do when it comes to their franchise quarterback.