CHICAGO – Whether you are at Soldier Field, another venue, or just cheering the team on from home, fans are usually taking in a Bears’ game with a little or a lot to eat.

That’s one of the traditions of watching football on Thursdays, Sundays, or Mondays over the course of the fall and winter and part of the enjoyment of watching the game.

So how much do Bears fans spend on grub before the big game? US Betting decided to take a look at that to find out how much rooters were shelling out for food.

Per their survey, Bears fans are the 12th-least spending fanbase when it comes to food on gamedays in 2022, dishing out $42 on it per person on average. That amount has increased from $32.80 from the 2021 season.

To reach this number, US Betting surveyed 1,366 football fans to figure out how much they spend and what kind of food they buy.

The team with the highest amount of gameday spending was the Miami Dolphins, with fans paying an average of $79.80 for food. The Los Angeles Chargers came in the lowest at $29.10 per fan.

So what do Bears fans prefer to eat on game day? According to US Betting’s survey, Chicken Wings are the favorite, as it was with 18 other teams in the NFL. Fans also prefer to cook their own food, with 56.9 percent telling the survey they would do so during the 2022 season.

The majority of the rooters of the Bears will be enjoying their treats from home, with 73.9 percent of fans watching the games there with 11.6 percent saying they’ll watch at a sports bar.

You can see the full information from the survey by clicking here.