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CHICAGO – When a team loses four-straight games, has the roughest stretch of their current coach’s tenure and has put themselves in a tough spot to qualify for the postseason, many wondered if their traditional celebration would return Sunday.

“Club Dub” became a player and fan favorite during the 2018 season when Matt Nagy was inspired to let his players celebrate a win with glowing lights and dance music. They were able to do so 12 times in a breakthrough season, but it’s been a little different in 2019.

Four-straight losses and inconsistent play have knocked the Bears well back of the race for the top of the NFC North division title, and a number of victories late in the season will be needed to qualify for a playoff spot.

So did that mean “Club Dub” would be shelved for the rest of the season since the circumstances of this year are much different than 2018? Hardly.

The Bears brought out the celebration after beating the Lions 20-13 Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field with the lights and the song “Swag Surfin'” playing on the speakers inside the locker room.

It was the first time the Bears have been able to do so since their victory at home over the Vikings on September 29th when they were 3-1. Things have certainly changed since then, but Nagy thought it was important to bring the celebration back even if it comes during a rough stretch for the group.

“That’s who we are. That’s who we are,” said Nagy of his decision to hold “Club Dub” Sunday. “The guys — you’d be surprised, one of the neat things that I think we have going on right now, even in this four-game slide that we just came through is every Saturday morning we have our own, and it just keeps the energy going, and the guys have taken — we did it last year, and why not keep doing it, so we do it.

“This is like — that’s like the appetizer and then this they come to dinner.”

Maybe they’ll feast a little bit more over the next coming weeks to open the club back up again and perhaps play their way back into the playoff race.