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ST. LOUIS – Who says that fans rooting for the National League team in Chicago and St. Louis can’t find some common ground.

It happened on Monday night at Busch Stadium thanks to a tray of nachos.

During the second inning, Cubs shortstop Addison Russell races towards the stands in down the left field line for a fly ball hit by Jedd Gyorko. When he went into the stands to try to make the catch, he knocked over the nachos of a fan sitting in the front row.

The food scattered on the field and was picked up by the grounds crew.

But the Cubs nor Russell were going to let the fan go hungry.

When Russell came out for the next inning, he had a tray of nachos ready to bring the fan down the left field line. The gracious Cardinals’ fan even took some time to document the moment by taking a selfie with Russell.

That fan – Andrew Gudermuth, who now goes by “Nacho Man” on Twitter – posted the picture on Twitter not long after taking it.

That fan might not have been too happy with Russell earlier in the night. It was his bases-clearing double in the first inning that helped the Cubs jump out to a 4-0 lead in the first frame.

On Tuesday, WGN Morning News spoke to  Andrew “Nacho Man” Gudermuth who says he’s become “Twitter famous overnight.”

When Gudermuth was asked if he’s a Cubs fan now, he gave the morning news desk a firm “no” and said, “I have not converted to a Cubs fan. I am sorry.” Watch the full interview in the player above.