Josh holds his own during media three-point shootout at Northwestern

Sports Feed
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(EVANSTON, Ill.) — Sportscasters want to be athletes. Athletes want to be sportscasters…but only after they are through playing.

Sports Feed host Jarrett Payton brings the players’ perspective to the show, having suited up in the NFL, and professionally in Europe and Canada.

Co-host Josh Frydman’s athletic career went as far as playing quarterback for his intramural flag-football team in college. Both bring their unique perspective to the show, but on Wednesday it was Josh’s turn to show off his athleticism, lacing up his sneakers and competing in Northwestern’s media three-point competition.

About a dozen media members competed in the two-round shootout, with Josh holding his own and finishing in the top half. Even if he only edited together his best shots.

Watch his efforts below.


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