Uber driver freaks out after realizing Dwyane Wade is in the back seat

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ORLANDO – Leave it to one of the Bulls’ veterans to make a random regular season trip a little more memorable thanks to a meal and car ride.

Dwyane Wade continued his efforts to win over teammates this week as the team headed to Orlando for their game against the Magic. On Tuesday, the guard decided to rent out an entire Waffle House restaurant for his teammates. He documented their meal on his Snapchat.

“My teammates said they want to go to Waffle House – so we rented the thing out,” Wade said in a video.

After their adventures at Waffle House, Wade continued posting as he hopped into an Uber. He captured the scene as the driver, whose name was not identified, freaked out after figuring out the 12-time NBA All-Star and three-time NBA champion happened to end up in his vehicle.

“You are the man!” the driver yells, later telling Wade he couldn’t believe the Heat let him go.

“We’re gonna be fast friends by the end of this 15mins,” Wade wrote in another post.

Nothing like an exciting day on an average road trip in the NBA season for Wade and the Bulls.


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