Corpse Flower Cam: Watch Spike bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden

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GLENCOE, Ill. — Now you can watch Spike, the Chicago Botanic Garden’s “corpse flower,” bloom in real time online.

The corpse flower is expected to bloom early next week. It has already drawn 22,000 admirers to the Chicago Botanic Garden for its large size, odd shape and terrible stench.

The Chicago Botanic Garden has set up a live stream of Spike so fans can watch it bloom without threatening their noses. The corpse flower’s smell has been described as a combination of limburger cheese, garlic, rotting fish, and smelly feet.

Spike will begin releasing his stink about 12 hours before the deep red flower blooms. The stench will last for another 16 hours or so after it opens.

Since the odor is strongest in the early hours of the morning, the Chicago Botanic Garde will be open to visitors until 2 a.m. on bloom day with parking fees waived after 9 p.m.

Also check out this video of a guy “party rocking” with Spike:

More info at Chicago Botanic Garden’s Website.


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