Secretlab review: Can this high-end gaming desk actually hide your cables?


The legs of this table feature individual height adjusters, so you can eliminate all wobbling no matter how uneven your floor may be.

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Secretlab Magnus computer desk review

A serious gamer has a system with many components: peripherals, cords, cables and accessories. These items, while necessary, all combine to create clutter. The cleaner your gaming space or workspace is, the more focused and equipped to succeed you will be. However, it can be hard to find a computer desk with built-in features that reduce clutter to provide a sleek and stylish gaming space.

Secretlab understands. The Magnus metal desk is designed to help you neatly organize all your cables. Magnetic cable anchors and cable sheaths secure loose wires into place while being hidden in the built-in cable management tray. 

We wanted to see if this slim gaming computer desk could organize our gaming and work setup. So, we tested the product out, and here’s what we found.

Testing the Secretlab Magnus desk 

Our tester currently uses a Secretlab Titan 2022 gaming chair, a 63-inch by 32-inch Ikea desk with a dual-monitor mount, two 27-inch monitors and a custom-built gaming computer. They are looking to upgrade their setup with a high-quality desk that has a sleek design, is easy to clean, offers exceptional cable management and can accommodate existing equipment. Our tester tried out the Secretlab Magnus metal desk with their two-monitor setup for several weeks to see if it met their expectations.

Overview of the Secretlab Magnus desk

When we received the Secretlab Magnus desk, the box was beaten up and had a few holes. The damage seemed to be a result of shipping. Fortunately, all of the contents inside were intact, and there was no damage to the product. The package was very heavy and required two people to move it into a third-floor apartment.

Upon opening, we discovered the desk, made of high-quality steel, felt very solid and durable. There were only eight pieces that needed to be attached, and the concise, clear instructions made assembly simple — it only took about 30 minutes to complete. If you have any trouble with the instructions, simply watch the online video for clarification. Since the desk weighs 117 pounds, you will need a partner to set it upright once you complete the assembly.

Because this table has a built-in cable management system that runs along the back of the unit, not all monitor mounts will fit. If this is the case for you, the monitor may sit slightly closer than your normal positioning. The table does have a slim and sleek design with a crisp style — black with red trim — and the leather table mat makes this feel like a premium product. The only visible cable on this table is the one that goes to the wall outlet.

How to use the Secretlab Magnus desk

To use this gaming desk, all you need to do is arrange your monitors and peripherals however you prefer, run and secure the cables in their hidden locations and play. Additional items such as magnets that hold the wires in place, a headphone hanger or a remote-controlled RGB light strip are all premium options you can add to your purchase.

Key features of the Secretlab Magnus desk

Ultra-durable metal construction

This is a solid desk. It is sturdy enough to support 220 pounds. The slim, ultra-durable steel construction gives the desk a much smaller footprint, making it great for people with limited space. Also, the desk is positioned high enough to slide a Secretlab chair underneath, giving you plenty of legroom.

Magnetic leatherette desk mat 

The desk comes with a magnetic mat that can be unrolled and easily attached to the tabletop. The pleasant texture of the fabric gives you a comfortable place to rest your arms. If you’d like to customize your gaming desk, the magnetic mat is available in several designs.

Cable-management system

Running along the back of the table is a cable management tray. This tray is large enough to fit several wires and a power strip. Larger plugs may be tight in this small compartment, but we managed to get everything plugged in and close the lid to the tray.

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Secretlab Magnus desk price

The Secretlab Magnus metal desk costs $499. Accessories, such as cable fastening strips, magnetic cable anchors, LED lights, customized desk mats and more will increase your purchase price.  

Where is the Secretlab Magnus desk sold?


You can purchase the Secretlab Magnus metal desk directly from Secretlab.

Secretlab Magnus desk benefits

Secretlab’s Magnus desk excels at reducing cord clutter. The premium materials and the sleek design give you confidence that you’ve purchased a top-of-the-line product that didn’t cut corners in manufacturing. We like the comfort provided by the extra-large leatherette mat, and because of the unit’s steel design, it takes up a minimal amount of floor space yet remains sturdy. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, the assembly is easy.

Secretlab Magnus desk drawbacks

The biggest drawback of this gaming desk is its high cost. However, if you want the best, you must be willing to pay the price. Unfortunately, although the Magnus is supposed to accommodate nearly all monitor mounts, the one we used did not fit. Because of this, it made the gaming space a bit more cramped than the ideal. For some, this may be a deal-breaker. The table is heavy, and you will need two people to assemble and move this unit. All the cool accessories are sold separately. 

Should you get the Secretlab Magnus desk?

If the $500 price tag is within your budget, the Secretlab Magnus metal desk is an excellent option for a gamer or a member of the work-from-home workforce. The sleek design and convenient cable management system make this desk a great choice for individuals who wish to conceal their cable clutter and want a rugged and reliable top-of-the-line model.


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