How to protect your vaccination card during travel

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It is not advised to laminate your vaccination card. Lamination prevents your vaccine boosters from being updated and can smudge the information written on it.

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Now that vaccines and boosters are more widely distributed, travel is on the rise again. In 2021, vaccination cards are required to travel to many places throughout the world. 

Vaccination cards are made of paper and written in pen, and this makes them easy to destroy. This is why it is important to keep your vaccination card safe and accessible while traveling. Following some easy methods can help to keep your vaccination card protected during travel.

Keep it from getting smudged

Vaccination cards are easy to damage. Your vaccination card can be smudged by food, drinks, fingers and just about anything else, due to its flimsy structure. The information on it is valuable, however, so it is important to protect your vaccination card from smudges. When you travel, many people may need to see your vaccination card, and a few methods can help you keep it clean. 

Wash your hands

Keeping your hands clean is a basic hygienic habit made more important by the need for vaccination cards. Not only do clean hands help to keep yourself and others healthy, but they also help to prevent residue from being smeared on your vaccination card when you travel. Wash your hands for twenty-five seconds with soap and water throughout the day or when necessary.


One way to prevent finger smudges is to use protective gloves, which are especially useful in cold weather. Technology has encouraged a number of texting gloves. These not only allow you to use your phone while wearing them, but they also improve your grip. Another option is to use latex gloves to protect you from smudges and germs along your route. 

Vaccination card holder

Keep your vaccination card safe when you travel and in your daily activities with a vaccination card protector. This clear plastic or plastic-like material case is the exact size needed to hold your vaccination card inside. Simply slip the card between the clear cover and attach it using a lanyard or keychain. Your vaccination cardholder can be useful during your travels as well as for storing your card when at home.

Protect it from the water

When you are traveling, water is an ever-present element that you will need to protect your vaccination card from. Whether you are actually at the beach or stuck in an unexpected downpour, you need to keep your vaccination card dry. Even if you are not outside, wetness and water are everywhere so be mindful of the vaccination card’s location when you travel. 

Vaccination card holder

To protect your vaccination card from water while you travel but still have easy access to it, get a vaccination cardholder. Many of these holders come with lanyard or keychain attachments that you can wear around your neck. This can be very useful, considering it will make your vaccination card easy to show to any necessary clearance security. Having a vaccination cardholder while you’re traveling helps to create a stress-free experience. 

Waterproof bag

Osprey UltraLight 12 Dry Sack

A bag that can protect all of your belongings from water is ideal for keeping your vaccination card protected while traveling. Use a dry bag for your travels to the beach or to the mountains and everywhere in between. Feel confident that your vaccination card and everything else will remain pristine during your water-filled days, whether they’re spent at the beach or in the rain.


Keeping your vaccination card in a wallet can protect it from water as well as any other splashable substances. Wallets and other cardholders also assist in keeping track of the location of your vaccination card during travel. Place the vaccination card in the same spot of your wallet so that you can easily recall where it is when a new tour guide wants to see it. 

Keep track of your vaccination card

When on the go, it is easy for small things like vaccination cards to get lost. Luckily, there are ways that you can prevent this. Note that your vaccination card will likely be required to do certain things while traveling, including making the trip itself. Make sure that you have your vaccination card the same way you check for your keys, phone and wallet when traveling.

Have a designated location

When it comes to keeping track of things during travel, it is best to organize so that each item has its place. Set aside a place that you will keep your vaccination card safe while you travel. Each time you take out your vaccination card, take the time to put it back in the same spot.  When you organize in this way, it prevents issues and allows you to have a great adventure. Designate a spot in your pack for your wallet, passport and vaccination card.

Take a photo

Use your phone to take a photo of your vaccination card to easily show anyone who may need its information. This will make it easier to present and prevent you from taking out your vaccination card as often. Additionally, if for any reason you do lose your card, this will serve as a good backup until you are able to get it replaced.


Vaccination cards are just as vital to have when traveling as keys are to coming home. Attaching your vaccination card to a keychain and placing it in a specific spot in your bag will decrease your chances of losing it. Use a keychain vaccination card protector when you are traveling, and you’ll always know where it is because it will be attached to your belongings.

What you need to buy for your vaccination card

CDC Vaccination Card Protector

CDC Vaccination Card Protector

This card protector is waterproof and designed to fit your vaccination card perfectly. It is made of durable, reusable material and is designed to hang from a keychain or lanyard.

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Vaccine Card Holder

Vaccine Card Holder

These vaccination cardholders have leather covers and silicone lanyard attachments. There are several patterns and room for multiple cards.

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