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Passports are documents issued by the government that certify nationality to protect international travelers.

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Which document organizers for travel are best?

If you find yourself struggling to keep track of important documents while traveling, consider purchasing a document organizer. A document organizer for travel is crucial for those who desire to keep things organized while traveling. It is a place to keep all of your important travel documents together for easy, offhand use. The best document organizers for travel will provide maximum security for your documents, feature many compartments for organization and be compact enough for you to keep anywhere. 

If you are looking for a well organized, durably made, RFID blocking document travel organizer, the Zoppen Multi-purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a document organizer for travel


If you own a chip card and plan to bring it with you on your travels as a form of payment, consider a document organizer that is RFID blocking. This will make your card harder to read from a distance and prevent theft. A document organizer that has this feature, along with a secure method of closure, will last you through many trips. 

The most secure document organizers for travel will feature security from the inside out. Internal compartments that are durable and work to separate your items without allowing them to slip out of the holder are just as important as a durable exterior.  


The best travel document organizer will feature multiple compartments for the organization. The compartments should range in size to be able to fit many different types of documents. For example, a compartment that fits credit cards and passports will be different sizes. A good travel document organizer will feature multiple spaces for similar items, as well as a few mesh or zippered pockets for items that require extra security, such as keys. If you are traveling with family, consider buying a large document organizer that will house each family member’s documents with ease rather than multiple small organizers with fewer compartments. 


A travel document organizer should be designed to fit in multiple places. When traveling, it is easy to lose items depending on how much you bring on your journey. To ensure the best organization, choose a document organizer for travel that will fit in a purse and one that you can carry with you on the go. This will make it easier to locate in a specific spot and to keep by your side when being transported from one place to the next. The more compact the document, organizer the easier it will be to pull out and find documents if needed in a hurried setting. 

What to look for in a quality document organizer for travel


It is a bonus when a document organizer can be purchased in multiple colors. When traveling, some prefer to match their items for greater organization. Choosing a specific color to match your items can help you keep track of your items. If you know that you will be utilizing the document organizer often on your travels, purchase one in a bright color that can be easily found within your belongings if you need it in a hurry. If you are someone who prefers specific colors, consider buying a product that provides color options. 


A quality document organizer for travel will be made with durable material that allows your documents to rest securely. The most durable material for a document organizer is leather. The most durable document organizers will feature tight seams and sturdy zippers or methods of closure. The inside of the organizer needs to feature durable methods of closure and separation following the exterior so that your items are entirely protected when not in use. Documents coated with materials that protect your items from water and weathering are a bonus and a feature to look out for when purchasing one of these items. 

How much you can expect to spend on a document organizer for travel

A document organizer for travel will be priced anywhere from $12-$45 depending on size, material and internal features. A travel organizer that features multiple compartments and is made with durable material will be priced higher. 

Document travel organizer FAQ

What documents do I need to travel internationally? 

A. When traveling internationally, make sure that you bring your passport everywhere you go. Other documents that will be needed to eliminate any risks are your driver’s license, vaccination card, any transportation tickets and copies of important identifying documents, such as a birth certificate. 

Do I need my passport when traveling within my own country? 

A. Domestic flights do not require a passport. If you are flying within your own country, you can choose to keep your passport with you just in case, but you will never be required to provide it to get onto the flight. When flying in America, you will be required to show your driver’s license to get onto your flight. 

What’s the best document organizer to buy?

Top document organizer 

Zoppen Multi-purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Zoppen Multi-purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet 

What you need to know: This faux leather travel organizer is compact and features many different sized compartments to hold various documents. 

What you’ll love: This item comes in many colors and works to not only store but protect your items from theft with RFID blocking technology. It closes securely. 

What you should consider: Some have only been able to fit four cards into this travel wallet when more space is desired and advertised. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top document organizer for the money

Clayton House Passport Holder and Travel Document Organizer

Clayton House Passport Holder and Travel Document Organizer 

What you need to know: This item is inexpensive and features a hand strap for added security and options when carrying.

What you’ll love: This item is lightweight and compact and fits in purses and bags easily. It contains multiple card slots for various travel documents and closes securely. It also allows users to keep multiple documents in order when on the go.

What you should consider: This item only comes in one color. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Excello Global Products Leather Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

Excello Global Products Leather Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

What you need to know: The material used to make this travel wallet is durable and heavy-duty to protect important travel documents. 

What you’ll love: This organizer comes with four small travel journals to allow you to document your trip and includes various sized slots and pockets for different items. It is designed specifically for multiple travelers at a time as it can hold four passports. 

What you should consider: The leather can be stiff and it does not come in multiple colors. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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