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Many seasoned travelers bring a TSA-approved container of detergent in their carry-on, so they can wash undergarments, including bras, in hotel sinks or showers.

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Which bras for travel are best?

Whether you’re taking a short road trip or flying for several hours, it’s important to be comfortable while you travel. When you choose an outfit to wear during your journey, make sure it includes a comfortable bra.

Many people invest in special bras for travel, particularly styles that are soft and flexible. If they need to pass through security checkpoints, they may opt for pull-on styles or sports bras without metal details, like underwires and hook-and-eye closures. Our top choice, CRZ YOGA Y-Racerback Sports Bra, for example, is a metal-free longline style.

What to know before you buy a bra for travel

Mode of travel

Mode of travel may impact the travel bra you select. If your trip involves prolonged periods of sitting, such as train rides or air travel, you may prefer bras without metal closures or underwires that may dig into skin. On the other hand, if your journey includes plenty of walking, like sightseeing trips, consider low or medium-impact bras that provide extra support. 

What to know about new bras for travel

Finding the right bra for travel often involves looking at a few key features that you might not consider when shopping for everyday bras. 

  • Bras for travel should be comfortable no matter your position, including sitting, laying down or walking. 
  • The bra should be reasonably easy to hand-wash in the event that you’re unable to stop at a laundromat on your trip. 
  • Some individuals, including business travelers, may need a versatile bra style that is both comfortable and suitable to wear under blouses or dress shirts.

Popular bra styles for travel

Many travelers gravitate toward specific bra styles for travel, including those with features that may offer more support or comfort than traditional styles.

Sports bras, including pull-on and longline styles, are ideal for all-day wear. Simple bralettes are lightweight and thin, especially styles with breathable mesh or lace panels. Many sports and bralette styles lack rigid features, like underwires, making them comfortable and flexible. Seamless bras are also popular options. Their soft, smooth styles are less likely to chafe skin during the hustle and bustle of travel.

What to look for in a quality bra for travel

Flexible design

Many travel bras have flexible designs, many of which are made with soft, stretchy material blends that contain Spandex or Lycra. Although these materials hug the body and provide light support and sometimes compression, they allow for natural movement. Other bras have adjustable straps that allow for flexible support. 

Metal-free bras

Most bra styles have metal details, including underwires, hook-and-eye closures and slide buckles. They may set off alarms at security checkpoints, which is why many travelers opt for metal-free bras. Some travelers express concerns over lack of support without an underwire; however, many bras are now available with plastic underwires.

Wick-away materials

Traveling often entails being in areas that are warmer than you might be used to, which may result in perspiration. Bras made with wick-away materials may help travelers stay cooler in these situations because they sweep sweat away from the body and dry quickly. Many wick-away styles have odor-control properties as well, which can trap and neutralize odors between washes.

How much you can expect to spend on bras for travel

Simple pull-on sports bras start at $6, but if you’re looking for a well-made sports bra for travel, be prepared to spend $20-$35. Traditional bra styles designed with premium comfort features cost between $25-$50. 

Bras for travel FAQ

Are there bras specifically designed for travel?

A. There are a handful of bras that are designed with security features. Often referred to as “stash bras,” these styles include several hidden compartments that hold phones, money, credit cards or jewelry. They’re sometimes worn in busy tourist areas to prevent thieves from plucking these valuables from pockets and handbags. 

What is the best color for a travel bra?

A. Bras for travel are available in dozens of colors and prints. However, some wearers are partial to neutral colors, like nude, brown, black or light pink, that are discreet beneath most blouses and button-down shirts. 

What are the best bras for travel to buy?

Top bra for travel

CRZ YOGA Y-Racerback Sports Bra

CRZ YOGA Y-Racerback Sports Bra

What you need to know: Because it’s free of metal components, this longline yoga bra is popular for going through security checkpoints. 

What you’ll love: This bra is made with an ultra-soft blend of Spandex and Polyamide. It’s a popular quick dry sports bra for travel, workouts or daily wear. While the bra is lightweight, it offers a decent amount of support and compression. 

What you should consider: The straps aren’t adjustable and may loosen after repeated wash and wear. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bra for travel for the money

Fruit of the Loom Front-Closure Cotton Bra

Fruit of the Loom Front-Closure Cotton Bra

What you need to know: A front-closure bra that you don’t need to worry about digging into your back during travel. 

What you’ll love: As an unlined style, the cotton-blend bra remains lightweight and breathable. The front closure is easier to manage for some individuals. It has wide straps that help distribute weight across shoulders. 

What you should consider: Because it’s 95% cotton, the bra may shrink after it’s washed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Warner's No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra

Warner’s No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra

What you need to know: A comfortable style with a smooth design that is inconspicuous under most blouses.

What you’ll love: This wire-free bra has laser-cut details for a near-seamless design and mesh details to promote airflow around the chest and keep wearers cool. Outside of travel, the style is suitable for everyday wear given its versatile design and color assortment. 

What you should consider: Some wearers with larger busts felt that the bra didn’t offer enough support. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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