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It’s important for parents to give kids personal responsibility for their own luggage. Make sure that luggage is explicitly designed for children for a positive travel experience.

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Which kids’ suitcases are best?

Traveling with kids isn’t always easy. The suitcase a child brings with them on a trip can be the difference between a great experience and a bad one when traveling. When a child is away from home, that suitcase represents them and holds all of their most valuable possessions at that time.

Not all kids’ luggage is alike. Before buying a suitcase for a child, you need to consider several factors to get the one that fits your youngster best. The age of the child, the child’s preferences, and their likes and dislikes are all significant. However, there are also several other factors to consider, such as how each type of suitcase would help (or hinder) a trip for a parent.

One suitcase that has proven to be best in class for kids is the Lil Flyer ride-on suitcase. It’s a hard-sided, easy-to-pull suitcase with spinner wheels. This one also doubles as a seat and stroller for weary little travelers who weigh up to 50 pounds. This gem of a travel suitcase for kids is also available in seven different colors and prints.

What to look for in a quality kids’ suitcase

Luggage for kids is a bit different than travel pieces for adults. You must consider a few special things to find the best suitcase for a child:

  • Size and weight
  • Compartments and organization
  • Wheels
  • Durability and materials

A kid-friendly design is a must to showcase their favorite colors, favorite characters, or anything similar.

Size and weight

The size and weight of kids’ luggage matter a lot. In general, the smaller the child, the lighter and smaller the suitcase should be for easier handling. 

Compartments and organization

While not every kid needs a bunch of compartments in a suitcase, most benefit from at least having a way to divide or divide and organize items inside.


Suitcases for kids that have wheels are much easier for them to transport. 

Durability and Materials

Most suitcases are made from tough polycarbonate hardshell materials or wipeable vinyl. Hard cases are usually heavier but more durable. Soft cases are lighter but normally wear out faster.

What to know before you buy a kids’ suitcase

Even though an adult will be with the child to help pull luggage, kids enjoy doing things for themselves. A suitcase with wheels is ideal for helping them develop a sense of accomplishment and independence.

However, children also tire quickly, so you may want to keep a backup plan in mind for how the suitcase will be transported (or by whom) when the little one tires out.

Don’t make a purchase decision based on price alone. Remember that during travel, that suitcase represents that child’s whole world. It needs to become a traveling companion for the child instead of a cumbersome, frustrating tag-along.

How much you can expect to spend on kids’ suitcases

The huge variety of brands, styles, materials, and features reflects a similarly wide price range. Kids’ suitcases can cost anywhere from about $30-$200.

Kids’ suitcase FAQ

Should I buy the first suitcase my child gets excited about?

  1. Children are visual buyers, so they will run to the first piece of luggage they notice with their favorite characters or colors. Do a little investigating to check for wheels, a handle, and pockets, all of which a child may not pay attention to at first sight.

Is a warranty really important since my child will outgrow the suitcase in a couple of years anyway?

  1. Absolutely. Quality luggage is an investment, and you want to be protected if it doesn’t last. If you are traveling and a wheel falls off after a month, you will want that luggage replaced.

What’s the best kids’ suitcase to buy?

Top kids’ suitcase

Lil Flyer ride-on suitcase by Younglingz

Lil Flyer ride-on suitcase by Younglingz

What you need to know: This hard-sided luggage is a durable, fun suitcase with wheels that you can use as a seat for little ones to rest upon. It has plenty of room for kids’ belongings inside.

What you’ll love: This kids’ suitcase doubles as a stroller with a seat belt, folding foot pedals, and a handle for parents to pull when needed. It also has a safety lock on the side.

What you should consider: With a weight of 10 pounds, it may be too heavy for little ones to pull for very long. Parents may want to be prepared to assist children with pulling, whether a child is riding on it or not.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids’ suitcase for the money

Stephen Joseph classic rolling luggage

Stephen Joseph classic rolling luggage

What you need to know: These character cases are lightweight, soft, and have tons of fun pockets and compartments. There are 16 fun designs for kids, all of which have bright colors and amusing characters.

What you’ll love: The wheels are sturdy, and so is the handle. It’s quick to wipe down and is a great size for kids. This kids’ suitcase is easy for children to transport.

What you should consider: The material is not as durable as the material on many other kids’ suitcases. It’s a little bit thin, which compromises durability slightly.

Where to buy: Available on Amazon

Worth checking out

Skip Hop kids luggage with wheels

Skip Hop kids luggage with wheels

What you need to know: At just 2.25 pounds, this fun suitcase is nice and light. In addition, it has sturdy wheels and a retractable handle for easy maneuverability. 

What you’ll love: The main compartment is big enough for a child’s favorite clothes. It includes a mesh bottle pocket and has zipper pulls that match the fun characters.

What you should consider:  Some users report a parent strap was missing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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