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Which  Hot Wheels Batmobile is best?

Batman’s Batmobile may be the most recognized superhero vehicle of all time. This is partly because Batman is one of the only superheroes that doesn’t actually have superpowers. Instead, he uses his massive wealth to create state-of-the-art gadgets including his iconic Batmobile. These vehicles have changed greatly over the years as our real-life technology progresses and the aesthetic of Batman himself changes. 

Hot Wheels is an equally popular brand that’s teamed up with DC Comics to create a collection of diecast Batmobiles. Each car is an exact replica that Batmobile’s fans will recognize from their favorite Batman series. The best set is the Hot Wheels Batmobile Collection, which comes with six different vehicles from different eras of the masked vigilante. 

What to know before you buy a Hot Wheels Batmobile

Batmobile features

The Batmobile has changed drastically over the years. What started off as a futuristic-looking concept car painted in black with red highlights, has turned into the Lamborghini-tank combination we see in today’s films. In the 1960s, the Batmobile included features like lasers, rockets and an onboard telephone. From there we saw it include a foot that lifted the car up from the center so it could do a 180-degree spin. Nowadays, the Batmobile is a full-on military-style vehicle with high-tech tactical equipment.

The Tumbler

The Tumbler is the latest iteration of the Batmobile, which first appeared in “Batman Begins” in 2005. This was the beginning of the modern-day Batman from director Christopher Nolan. The Tumbler, as the new Batmobile is known, is a cross between a supercar and a military tank. It’s low to the ground like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, yet it features heavy armor that looks like the scales of a crocodile. This Batmobile is the most dangerous one yet with side-mounted machine guns, rocket launchers and deployable explosive mines. 

Other Batmobiles

The Batmobile refers to the car-like vehicle that Batman drives around Gotham. However, he’s had some new gadgets over the years that have allowed him to more effectively fight crime. Batman has also been known to ride motorcycles. In 1966, Batman and Robin rode a motorcycle with a sidecar, while in 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” Batman revamped the two-wheels cycle into the Batpod. There’s also the Batwing, also known as The Bat, which is a flying vehicle that is capable of hovering much like a rotorless helicopter. Some of these vehicles can be found in Hot Wheels form. For other Batman toys and collectibles, be sure to check out our buying guide on everything from Batman figures and plushes to LEGOs. 

What to look for in a quality Hot Wheels Batmobile

Rare Batmobiles

The most well-known Batmobiles are the ones from the Batman films. The comic books are the original source material for many of the Batmobiles, but they’ve been brought to larger audiences on the big screen. Some of the Batmobiles from the lesser-known comics or animated TV series can also be found as Hot Wheels. These can be considered more rare than the more well-known Batmobiles from the Batman movies. The Blue Batmobile is a great example of one that never appeared on film. 

Tim Burton’s Batmobile

Tim Burton is a writer and director who made “Batman” and “Batman Returns” in 1989 and 1992, respectively. His design of the Batmobile is considered one of the most well-known in the franchise. It combined Burton’s fantasy-like take on the superhero with some incredibly creative features. The Hot Wheels version of this Batmobile looks exactly like the original and includes the elongated shape and the exposed thruster pipes. There’s also the bat wings that act as the car’s spoilers. 

Additional vehicles

If you’re a collector, you’re likely keeping your Hot Wheels Batmobiles in their original packaging. If you’re looking to actually play with these fun cars, then you should consider a Batmobile that comes with additional vehicles. Batman’s battles have always involved either the Gotham Police or his enemies like the Riddler or Penguin. Some Hot Wheels Batmobile sets come with these vehicles to add to the fun of creating your own Batman battles. You can find both the Riddler’s old-school buggy car and a Gotham Police Department vehicle in a Hot Wheels set. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Hot Wheel Batmobile

A Hot Wheels Batmobile costs $5-$50.

Hot Wheels Batmobile FAQ

Is there a Hot Wheels Batmobile from Tim Burton’s films?

A. Yes. Tim Burton’s iconic Batmobile from the 1990s Batman films has been turned into a Hot Wheels car. It comes complete with the bat-like wings on the back and the rocket grill in the front.

How many Hot Wheels Batmobiles are there?

A. There are currently around 50 Hot Wheels Batmobiles. They span all Batmobile iterations from the Batman franchise including the films, comic books, TV shows and video games.

What’s the best Hot Wheels Batmobile to buy?

Top Hot Wheels Batmobile

Hot Wheels Batmobile Collection

Hot Wheels Batmobile Collection

What you need to know: This collection of six Batmobile Hot Wheels toys spans the entire franchise of Batman films and comics. 

What you’ll love: Each of the six Batmobiles comes from a different film in the franchise. There’s the tactical Batmobile from “Batman Begins” alongside the motorcycle and flying vehicle. You’ll also get the old-school Batmobile from the original Batman TV series from the 1960s. Finally, there’s the ‘90s-era Batmobile and the Arkham Knight Batmobile from the video game. 

What you should consider: Some of the cars are not 100% diecast metal and may include plastic parts. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Hot Wheels Batmobile for the money

Hot Wheels The Batman Batmobile

Hot Wheels The Batman Batmobile

What you need to know: This unique Batmobile mixes the retro colors of Batman with a stylish new supercar. 

What you’ll love: Blue was never really Batman’s color of choice. However, back in the day, he used yellow to contrast his black motif. This blue Batmobile has yellow highlights on the rims and front and back of the car. This car blends the old school with the new school.

What you should consider: This Batmobile is part of a collection of limited-edition Hot Wheels Batman cars. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hot Wheels Batman vs. Superman Batmobile

Hot Wheels Batman vs. Superman Batmobile

What you need to know: This Batmobile comes from the 2016 film “Batman vs. Superman” and is the most tactical version of this vehicle.

What you’ll love: This film took a unique spin by pitting Batman and Superman against each other. For this monumental battle, Batman uses a highly customized Batmobile that’s built for destruction. This Hot Wheels Batmobile uses large wheels in the back and exposes wheels in the front for sharp turning. There’s also a gun turret on the hood. 

What you should consider: This Batmobile is gray instead of all black.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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