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If you want to increase your chances of getting the figures you want, and you know you’ll be buying many blind boxes, buy a case. Although you are not guaranteed a full set, you may find fewer doubles this way.

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Which blind box toys are best?

Nothing beats the excitement of opening a blind box toy. Will today finally be the day that you get the toy you wanted from the series you’ve been collecting? Or, better yet, will you find a variant or a chaser? Blind box toys are such fun because of the element of surprise. There are so many different brands and types from which to choose. If you’re looking for a blind box toy that is high quality and adorable, LOL Surprise All-Stars B.B.s Baseball Series is your top choice.

What to know before you buy a blind box toy

Plush or plastic

You can find blind box toys that are mini plush stuffed animals or tiny plastic figurines. Either way, you will find sweet little miniature toys that will make you smile. Your preference will determine which blind box you choose. If you are buying for children, their age may help you decide which you should pick because the toys tend to be very small. 

Amount of items in the box

Some blind box toys contain more than one surprise. You might find anywhere from two to five prizes in the box. This is especially important if you are trying to avoid doubles. You have more of a chance of getting a toy that you don’t already have if there are more options. Check the packaging to see how many toys are included in the blind box you want. You can also check for multiple accessories. If you get a double LOL Surprise doll, you can dress your other dolls in the extra clothes. 


The more options in a collection, the more possibility that your blind box will not be a double of one that you already have. Choose blind box toys that have at least eight to 12 options in the collection. Check the boxes to see if they tell what your chance is of getting certain characters. Some figures are much more rare than others.

What to look for in a quality blind box toy 

Attention to detail

Blind box toys may be miniature, but they have incredible attention to detail. When you choose a blind box based on a favorite character, look for toys that include authentic features and costumes. You should check out Funko, whose mystery minis are known for their high quality and perfect replicas of classic characters. 

Packaging that becomes part of the toy

Some blind box toys come packaged in balls or boxes that actually become a playset, which not only reduces waste but gives you another toy with which you can play. LOL Surprise dolls are an example of this. You can use the ball as a little house for the doll. This is like getting two prizes in one! 


Variants are different versions of figures that may appear in some blind boxes. Look for special color change, glow in the dark, metallic, glittery or golden variations on certain figures that are not only rare but really special and cool too. They are sure to brighten up any blind box collection.


Many blind box toys have chasers included in them. Some are mysteries that will appear as only outlines on the box, so you won’t know what they are until you find them. If a set has chasers, you might have a hard time finding them, but the satisfaction and excitement you’ll feel if you do makes it all worth it. 

How much you can expect to spend on blind box toys

Blind box toys range from $5-$15.

Blind box toys FAQ

Is there any way to tell what is in the box before I open it?

A. Yes and no. There is no guaranteed way to know what is in the box, but some sets have characters who are a bit bigger than others, so if the box is heavier when you pick it up, you might have a better chance of getting that character.

Can I return a figure after I’ve opened it and found that I already have it?

A. No. Once you open the box, the item cannot be returned. 

What are the best blind box toys to buy?

Top blind box toy

LOL Surprise All-Stars B.B.s Baseball Series

LOL Surprise All-Stars B.B.s Baseball Series

What you need to know: LOL Surprise dolls are the cutest blind boxes around with so many different series from which to choose.

What you’ll love: You will find eight surprises, including a doll from one of the two teams, the Heart Breakers and the Lucky Stars. Dress them in their glittery baseball uniforms, including accessories like helmets, gloves and bats. Some are even color changing.

What you should consider: Accessories were missing from some of the blind boxes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top blind box toy for the money

5 Surprise Mini Brands Mystery Capsule

5 Surprise Mini Brands Mystery Capsule

What you need to know: Fill up your toy cupboards and refrigerators with miniatures of your favorite brands, including Jell-O, Cool Whip, Lunchables and so many more. These are ideal for kids to play with and for adults to collect. With over 70 possibilities, you are sure to find a favorite.

What you’ll love: With five different prizes in every pack and rare metallic, glow in the dark and gold minis to find, you will have tons of fun with this collection. There are also shelves, shopping carts, baskets, cash registers and paper bags so you can create your own supermarket.

What you should consider: A few people said that pieces were missing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Funko Mystery Minis - Star Wars

Funko Mystery Minis – Star Wars

What you need to know: These mini bobbleheads represent all of your favorite characters from “Star Wars: A New Hope.” 

What you’ll love: The series includes fan-favorite heroes and villains like Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, C3PO and Greedo, standing at about 2.5-inches tall. High quality, accurate and colorful, these figures complete any Star Wars collection. 

What you should consider: Some mini-figures arrived broken.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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